Frequently Asked Questions

Custom and personalized orders

We gladly accept custom orders for our drawer and cabinet pulls. Please include photographs of the item you’d like us to make or reference the Kahoy Crafts product that’s most similar. Accurate dimensions will greatly assist us in preparing an estimate. All payments for custom orders will be through Etsy.

MINIMUM ORDER SIZE: 10 items per order, unless the customization is based on an existing product.

MAXIMUM ORDER SIZE: 30–40 items per order. While we do provide estimates for larger projects, orders for 100 or more items will depend on availability.

Drawer Pulls (Center-to-Center)

The center-to-center measurement is the distance between the mounting screws. This dimension is important in situations where the drawer pull must fit into existing mounting holes.

Drawer Pulls (Finishing Options)

We can optionally finish all of our pulls in clear water-based polyurethane or shellac. Both finishes, although clear, will slightly darken or tint the wood. Shellac is more amber in color than polyurethane or “poly” for short.

The default “Unfinished” option is useful in situations where the customer would like to apply a stain or penetrating oil, and the part will be shipped as bare unfinished wood. We also ask that customers provide photos in situations where color matching is desired, we can’t guarantee a color match, but photos will aid us in the process.

White & Red Oak

We use a combination of Flat or Plain Sawn, and Rift or Quarter Sawn boards with a lot of our products. Rift and Quarter Sawn Oak has a more interesting grain pattern with rays and other features that don’t exist in plain or flat sawn. We are open to specific requests, but the lumber we get does vary and so it definitely will not all look exactly like the pictures.

Does Kahoy Crafts offer phone support?

Although we would like to be able to personally call customers who provide phone numbers with order inquiries, Kahoy Crafts is primarily an online business and lacks a dedicated business phone. For that reason, Email is the preferred way of doing business.