Single Piece Square Cabinet Knobs

A lot of product designs begin as prototypes, like the new 1-1/4″ Square Wooden Drawer & Cabinet Knob. It’s made from 2x lumber to be a good value-based choice, but there are plans to offer the same design in white oak. We developed a process to cut out these knobs from a single block of wood. This saves a lot of time over gluing the stems on separately.

This model is designed to be painted and a good way to dress up existing melamine furniture. A lot of customers opt to paint more expensive hardwoods, which is a practice that is frowned upon by most woodworkers. It can actually make sense in situations where durability is important, but oak isn’t the best wood for painting, and both beech and birch might be better choices.

Here is a set of the same 1-1/4″ square cabinet knobs my brother-in-law painted and installed on his Ikea Billy bookcase.

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